Larlyn Terminated

As announced by the Board at yesterday's AGM, Larlyn has been terminated, effective Oct. 31. On Nov. 1, Celtic will assume control of managing our property.

Similarly, Shirley (who is an employee of the Corporation and not Larlyn) has given her notice (last day being Oct. 22) as the Board refused to commit to retaining her long term when she learned of Larlyn's dismissal. There will be no site office personnel present in the building until a replacement is hired by the new management company (who we expect to be a significant improvement). During this period, up to and including Oct. 31, please direct all questions/concerns that would normally be handled by the site office to Audrey Davis.

Audrey Davis
T 780 424 7060 ext. 223


Still waiting on the letter from Celtic.......

Has anyone received the letter from Celtic yet? i would like to get my condo fee pymt plan setup with them ASAP considering its Oct 20 already.....


I have not received it yet either. Hopefully, they will all arrive soon.


The first thing the new property management company should do is fix the elevators by firing the existing elevator contractors and replacing them with ones that take (getting stuck in a elevator seriously). Then they should reinstall the phones into them and make sure the phone lines work. Next, they should create a 'proper' catalog system of the parkade and which car should be parked in which stall instead of a hand written one by Shirley who scribbles and scratches out in a notebook which car should be in which spot. Then they should get some tough new security guards who will kick the homeless off our property (i admit this takes some guts but this is our building here). Tired of hearing fighting homeless guys at 2 am over bottles. They should then make sure the maintenance in the building is taken careof, ie. griffiti, chicken bones etc... Finally they should work on the GYM and get it functional.

Ideally also the property managemetn company should be finding a way to enforce 'tough disclipline' on teenage punks who have left beer and alcohol bottles in the stairwells / vandalized walls during their parties and if these teenage punks are caught, are evicted and charged for vandalism.


On both fronts, good. Gives me a warm feeling to know that that dogshit 'Management Company' is the hell out of there. Perhaps the non-functioning Elevators in South Tower will get a once over.