Security Committee Forums Added

The Security Committee has added a new set of forums to the Capital Centre Web Site. We'd like to see residents use these forums to address security and maintenance issues. Examples of the the types of issues residents should report include:

- Furniture being dumped in the alley
- Vandalism of the building
- Burn't out light bulbs
- Damage to personal property

The Secuirty Committee is not a replacement for building security or the police. Our goal is to record issues that occur and use a proactive approach to prevent these issues from happening again in the future. If in doubt about where to report an issue, please contact building security or the police first.

The Security Committee will regularly monitor these forums and work with residents to deal with issues.


lights out

concerning " burnt out lights" lights are checked once a week ..if you notice any burnt out lights please inform site office .... Rob Burns Capitalcentre Operations.

long time outstanding issues...

As already mentioned the elevator is a huge issue. It has been down close to 6 months, which is a major problem around the end of the month when ppl are using it to move in/out. Waiting 10 minutes for an elevator is not acceptable.

The parkade has its issues, the lack of a security gate for those ~4 months prior to the new gate and the fact that we were still paying full price for "secured" parking was completly unreasonable. Now with the "renovating" of the parkade that has caused even more problems getting in and out it is easier to park at street level, however we do not have visitor parking. The stalls behind the building say reserved for Capital Centre but I still got a ticket...while the car beside me just received a warning. As mentioned the dirt is an issue.

The pool is also a concern. I assume pool maintenace/upkeep once was a factor in our rent, however now that it has been shut down indefinitely I am wondering if we are still paying for it?

These issues are not hard to fix.

I find it funny that for the last +/-6 months the landlord has known about the elevator, however last Thursday I phoned the management office and told them about the elevator (the lady I spoke to seemed quite shocked that it had been down that long), and low and behold the next day someone was in fixing it. (However it is broken again!!) Now does that mean the building office is not communicating with management?

Who ends up reading these forums? Is it the landlord or management? Because if it is the landlord I fear that all this is a waste of time as they don't seem to get anything done. Hopefully management does read these and these issues will be fixed. I would appreciate a response from management regarding these issues.

Oh and my hood vent still hasn't been fixed....going on 3 months since I told the office about it.


please advise office again of your problem with venthood ..the one over your stove right ?? ...rob C.C.O

Re: long time outstanding issues...

Your concerns are definitely being noted. Myself and Chris are both members of the condo board and (as you can see) we read the comments posted here frequently. The website and forum were the idea of the Condo board, so even though it may not feel like it sometimes, we certainly do want to hear your concerns and opinions and we are trying our best to make improvements. The Security Committee is another initiative that was started by the board - which if you haven't heard about yet you should hear about shortly.

Re the elevators, these are without a doubt an issue, there's a better discussion of this in forums, so I'm not going to go into detail here - I'll leave it to the discussion in the forum. The major problem though is mostly with the elevator repair company - the board agrees with you that these are a major priority and we're doing our best to get them fixed.

Building Management and site staff does read the comments posted to the website - whether they choose to participate in the discussions is entirely up to them.


I am having huge issues with my balcony and the management company says if you want to see quicker results on things that need fixing and such... you should write a lettre to the board of directors. Mail it to Larlyn and they will forward it to the board of directors.
Just a suggestion... Not sure if it would be same procedure as for my balcony but...


You're absolutely correct, if you have concerns please bring them up to Larlyn - who should in turn be passing them on to the board. We're also planning to monitor this website closely and bring any issues forward as necessary.

We're really happy to see the constructive criticism that residents have been sharing already.

Some of the concerns people have noted do take time to fix. For example fixing the pool and fixing the elevators can't be done overnight. But we are definitely reading your concerns trying to make changes.

2 things that really bother me...

maintenance issue: Elevator (south tower)
it has been off since at least mid-summer (august or earlier). this is a major nuisance that wastes everybody's time. please get that elevator fixed ASAP.

maintenance issue: parking
whatever it is that they are now doing in the parking lots, they need to be washed pronto. the second and third parking levels (P2 and P3) are VERY dusty, and when people drive past you at 40 or 50 Km/h we have to breathe all that stuff in. also, our cars get dirty in like 3 days, what's the point in washing them? could we maybe get the parking lot washed?!

Re: parking

I hear you about the parking lot being dusty. The condo board is aware of the issue. The reality of the situation though is that it's very expensive to get the parkade swept/washed and with the repairs currently in progress it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend all that money getting the parkade cleaned when it's so dusty down there anyway.

Rest assured that once the parkade repairs are complete the parking situation will be much better and the board will certainly evaluate having it cleaned more frequently.


It shouldn't be cleaned only by shceduled sweeps, the HVAC system in the parkade has to have a filter on it. If it doesn't I suggest you get one as air quality is a huge building code concern. Now it could be an issue of needing a new filter, or maybe the entire parkade HVAC just needs a maintenace check. Granted vehicles will pull in dirt from the alley but when it is floating around in the parkade the HVAC should be sucking it out.

Many Many issues

The issue of Parking outside behind the building (north tower) is that from stall 33 over, it says something about physiotherapy clinic and thus we are recieving tickets if we park in their spots. However, i would like to raise the issue of the same people constantly being parked in what i would consider to be our visitor parking out back. (I believe there are 3 spots out back which are not reserved for the physiotherapy clinic, which would lead me to believe that they would be reserved for building use and allowing our visitors free parking when coming to visit) There is a blue truck who is basically parked behind north tower 24/7 and has yet to recieve a ticket. I think the truck belongs to our maintenance worker, perhaps should have a spot in the parkade to allow more parking for guests and vistors? And maybe putting a time limit on parking spots? I dont know what a good solution is but i agree it is a problem.
I agree the parkade has been become a huge concern. The construction has created some huge hiccups. I think the first issue is light placement. the traffic light at the bottome of the entrance and exit ramp should really be around the corner to ease some of the traffic issues of that tight turn.
Also, our parkade does not seem to be as secure as we might think. My roommate had her car broken into saturday night in our "sercured" parking garage. This is a sad sign that it is perhaps people living in the building. I encourage everyone to be watching to make sure you are leaving nothing in your vehicles.
As for the pool and sauna... I am also very curious to find out if our condo fees are still covering the cost of that or not.

This is not a complaint just simply an FYI... For those who use the gym on the 9th floor of North Tower... I think many people are just unaware of the fact that there is a unit on the floor (we are tucked away hidden in the back) and often the music is played extremely loud (which is great cause it keeps you motivitated, i get that..) It normally doesn't bother us, we can throw the TV on and block the sound.. no biggie.. we would just ask that maybe if you could be a little more time aware. We've noticed the last few months that it continues later and later. Just to turn it down a tiny bit when its getting a bit later. THANK YOU!!!!

I would also just like say... not sure if the towers all have same cleaning people? But they are fabulous! The cleaning staff in North Tower are incredible. Very friendly and accomodating! It's often a nice afternoon treat to go down in the elevator with them while they clean and chat! :-)

Maybe the driver is in to

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blue truck

the blue ford truck it owned by Rob Burns centre maintenance ..the out side stalls are all owned or rented out .. sorry but there is no visitor parking at capitalcentre


I too have an issue with the above ground parking. The stalls behind the south tower have a sign posted on them saying reserved for capital centre. Which would lead me to believe that it is visitor parking for our building. However I received a ticket the other day...while the car beside just got a warning.

I understand visitor parking in a downtown area gets to be a hassle with knowing who is acutally in the building or not. However I have been in many other downtown buildings that have a simple sign in sheet. Put your suite #, licence plate #, and sign in time. Now with 3 towers to contend with this could get troublesome too, purhaps you could set up a number to call that goes straight to voicemail that you can leave your info on.

One of the buildings I was working on, a apartment complex downtown, similar to ours, required 1 visitor stall per 7 dwellings as per the city of Edmonton by-law. Just something the board might want to look into. As it is always a worry about where friends/family can park.

Edmonton Bylaws

FYI for all you Edmonton Bylaw enthusiasts out there: Capital Centre is zoned Enterprise Zone (EZ) under the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan and while parking requirements are less than normal as a result, drumsnake is correct that 1 visitor stall is required per 7 dwellings for an residential use apartment structure. The bylaws state that such parking must be located on site but I could find no where that says that it must be free or accessible 24hours. Likely because of the large "Public" parkade, the visitor parking requirements for the site can be satisfied. If you have questions regarding city bylaws however, the Office of the City Clerk can likely answer them.

out side parking

all out side parking is rented out or owned by the commercial part of building ..if you would like to rent a stall check with office .. we sometimes have vacancys .. but not very often .. so if you park there will be tagged ..R Burns capital centre