Bottle Collection Program

The Security Committee has instituted a building-wide bottle recycling program, for those of you who don't return your own empties. Every Sunday, a Security Committee member will collect the empties (returnable for deposit) from each floor's garbage chute room. Please deposit them in the box provided (until such a time as other alternatives are in place).

The purpose of this program is - mainly - to reduce the amount of "valuable" items that can be found in our dumpsters, thereby (hopefully) reducing the number of people hanging about our building. The theory being, with fewer people about, the odds of them breaking into the building (and then our vehicles) will be significantly reduced and there will be less mess made around the dumpsters.

This program is strictly voluntary; if you return your empties yourself, please continue to do so. If you simply dispose of them, please take the extra few moments to take part in this initiative and help us make our building a better and safer place.

All money collected from the bottles will go to help fund other Security Committee initiatives.



Great idea for the bottle recycling program. I have been placing my bottles in there since reading about the program here and I seem to be the only unit on my floor doing this. I would like to suggest putting up a few signs (on the door to garbage chute, main floor, etc.) letting people know about the program? Also, is there a time you would like to have the bottles put out by?


This is a good idea, and we're working on it already. We're having corkboards installed on each floor of every tower, and once they're all up, I'll post some info on it.

As for the best collection times, I generally collect bottles every Sunday afternoon, so if you donate them by sometime Sunday morning, that would work best.