Parkade Cleaning

The Parkade is scheduled to be power scrubbed and swept on the weekend of Feb 4-6. ALL vehicles and/or anything in all stalls MUST be removed by the commencement of the procedure (Feb 4 @ 7pm). Any vehicles that are not removed for the cleaning procedure will be towed at the owner's expense, and any items left unremoved will be impounded.

During the time of the cleaning, Capital Centre residents may park their vehicles in the underground Impark lot at NO CHARGE until the cleaning is completed (Sunday, Feb. 6 @ 6pm).

Residents who have any questions about this matter may contact Don Brown, Capital Centre Property Manager (see the contact page for contact information).



Be aware that the Impark side is accessible to the public from 6am-11pm (daily), and there have been some recent car break in issues (on the residential side). Please remember NOT to leave anything of value in your automobile (well, ever, but particularly during the time of the cleaning).