Parkade Cleaning Update

Due to the large number of vehicles that were not yet moved on Friday evening, and the length of time it would take to tow said vehicles in order to properly clean the parkade, a decision was made to re-schedule the power wash until spring. The parkade was, however, still swept.

If you have any questions or complaints about this matter, please contact Don Brown.



Absolutely no shock it didn't get washed. A good half the cars down there were not moved. Would have been nice for the residents to be a little bright and note how it's a benefit to have a clean parkade, but alas, the majority are brainless sheep. Good luck in the spring with getting it cleaned.

yeah right

There is no way the teenage punks / pickup driving gun carrying rednecks are going to move their cars or trucks. I'd think that even with guns pointed at them, they still wouldn't move their vehicle (given the fights ive seen between parking enforcement and the truck owners) so I doubt asking them nicely or threat of a tow would be able to do anything other than make them laugh. When driving down the parkade ramps, Chris couldn't even get one punk to back his car out and as a result Chris and the other guys vehicle mirrors were damaged in the process. Chris was risking his life doing that by the way because the other guy could have easily had a oozie in his glove compartment. Thank god this isn't Texas. Chris, I am willing to bet $50 here that they will never going to be able to do the power wash due to the cars parked there.


Oh, it will get washed, be sure of that. We don't need to bet on it (and I won't take your money), but it will get washed.