New Site Staff

As of February 28th, the Capital Centre Board has hired 2 new staff memebers. Mary Laroque will replace Tania Silva in the site office.

Adding to our maintenance team, George Laroque will now be on site to assist Harry with all our building maintenance needs.


Any reason?

Any reason why Tania is being replaced? I never dealt with her personally but my wife told me she was rude (my wife finds a lot of people rude so I don't take her comment on Tania too seriously).

Surely, whoever is coming in will not be as careless as Shirley and Larlyn.


When Tania was originally hired, she was only hired to be a temporary replacement (because of Shirley's abrupt departure), as she was going to be going on mat leave. Although her mat leave wasn't quite ready to begin, Celtic told us they had found a suitable, permanent replacement, and so the change was made to accommodate that.

It was not my experience that Tania was ever rude, so I can't fairly comment on that. She always seemed courteous enough to me. But, even if she was off-putting, there's no way she'd ever compare to Shirley. She had zero PR skills.