Pipe Steam Cleaning

The long-awaited pipe steam cleaning is set to begin on Monday, June 27. The cleaning will commence in the south tower, beginning with the 01 stack of suites and proceed progressively through the tower (02, 03, etc.).

Depending on how badly clogged the pipes are, this process could take as little as one half day per stack, up to one and a half days per stack (with the likelihood being one day per stack).

In order to properly conduct the cleaning, the cleaners will need to access ALL the units in each stack (to ensure nothing goes amiss). All efforts will be made to provide at least 24 hours notice, but due to the aforementioned unknown pipe conditions, this may not always be possible.

In the best case scenario, cleaning will begin in the center tower on July 4; in the worst, July 18. The likeliest date will be on July 11 (where the same process will take place through suites 01-10).

This page will be updated as the cleaning progresses.