Site Office - Update

As of this morning, Angela Ryder was relieved of her duties as Site Office Manager. Cathy Campbell will stand in as Site Office Manager, with Board Vice-President Chris Kostiuk making cameo appearances to assist, while the search for a suitable candidate continues.

Please bear with us as we endevour to find the right people for our building.



I'm glad this was done. It's not acceptable for a site office lady to yell at my wife telling her to keep it down even though it was a 10 second argument we had just as my wife left the unit. In addition she also told my wife to get out of the elevator because she was showing units to other tenants. I didn't make a complaint about this because realistically a rude site office lady wasn't going to affect our day to day living and I didn't even know that she was the new site office lady until later on.

It's also not professional for a site office lady to request her last name not be put on the Contact page of this website. My guess is if you tend to be quick to your mouth and mistreat people, you tend to create enemies rather quickly hence wanting to have your last name not on the Contact page. This isn't a job whereby you can use alias's like Mr. T ...