Building Maintenance

As of efforts to improve the building continue, today we welcome Nicholas Hinse to our building maintenance team.

Please welcome him when you see him with Harry in the hallways!



There was a young man in the building last night who had no keys and waited for me to come in from the outside and activate the elevator. He looked in his early 20's with short, dark hair. He was not very tall and had slightly dark skin. He looked disheveled and unshaven and really smelled like alcohol. He was polite, but said he was supposed to meet his friend who had the keys. He went to 7th in the North Tower.


I appreciate you informing us of this incident. However, next time, could you post your thread topic in the forum, please? Everyone will be more likely to see it and comment on it if it is written in the correct place.


I would suggest that you not

I would suggest that you not let anyone in the elevators (or building) if they do not have keys. His friend could have easily came down to give him the keys. I think the security in the building and elevators is pretty tight for a reason. Lots of criminals are very polite.