The Capital Centre Condominium By-Laws are provided on this page for anyone to read. The By-Laws are used to govern the operation of Capital Centre Condominiums. These By-Laws outline the rules and regulations applicable to all residents and owners at Capital Centre. The By-Laws are enforced by the Capital Centre Board of Directors.

If you have questions or concerns about these By-Laws, please contact the Board of Directors.

Capital Centre Condominium Plan 902 0932 By-Laws (Official Land Titles Version).PDF2.21 MB
Capital Centre Condominium Plan 902 0932 By-Laws (Unofficial, Retyped, Searchable Version).pdf1.78 MB
Capital Centre Restrictive Covenant on Parking.pdf60.04 KB
Policies Enacted.pdf120.48 KB
Key Policy.pdf154.87 KB
Elevator Policy.pdf56.84 KB
Noise Policy.pdf348.94 KB
Pre-Approval Policy.pdf204.03 KB
Corporation Agent Protection Policy.pdf129.4 KB
Policy on Resident Behavior.pdf394.79 KB
Vacation Rental Policy.pdf334.59 KB
Privacy Area Alteration, Decoration & Permissions Policy.pdf239.12 KB
Commercial Key Policy.pdf284.44 KB