Swimming Pool Decommissioning/Reconstruction Project

As previously described, the swimming pool was permanently shut down by way of special resolution on 1 December. 2011. The deconstruction of this facility is scheduled to commence sometime during the week of 5 November, 2012.

The area is to be re-built into a common area meeting place of some type; what will, ultimately, be the final design is yet to be decided and will not be discussed until the physical area has been created.

During the construction phase, the sauna/bathroom area will be closed to all public use. The gym facility will remain open, at least until the time when the gym windows are to be replaced (at which point, it, too, will be closed to public use).

Construction times are to be 8-4pm M-F and 10-6pm on Saturdays. We apologize for any inconvenience or disruption this may cause any residents, but the work must be done. The project, if all goes according to schedule, will take approximately 6 months to complete.