Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are to be installed in the parkade today, on levels P1 and P2. This is to protect the waterproof membrane and to slow traffic down (considerably). The By-Laws restrict driving speed in the parkade to 15Km/hr, and most people drive well in excess of that. This solution should solve both issues.


Speed bumps

Well I can tell you that the speed bumps are absolutely necessary for many reasons. One of which actually is related to the fact that the parkade membrane is already starting to have issues. There is a section of the P1 where if the cars drive over the spot at high speeds, there is a banging of concrete noise that travels up the entire building to the 8th floor of the North Tower. The noise is so loud that the people on the 3rd floor get woken up at night. This phenomenon seems to occur in the fall, winter and spring when the weather is cold. I can name quite a few people who were getting fed up of hearing banging noises throughout the day 8 floors below you. The irony behind it is if the cars slow down to 15/km/h then the noise is not there... With cars driving at 50 km/h, it was only a matter of time before the concrete membrane starts to collapse.

The other issue is related to actual speeding in the parkade. There have been people who I have talked to both on the impark side and the people in this building who says that the people who speed in the parkade is so bad that they are scared of walking in the parkade. Not to mention the insane BMW drivers who do not honk when they are moving through the parkade levels and think they can run a grand prix marathon. I guess if you are a teenage punk and your dad bought you a BMW and your unit, you have no regard for slowing down for other cars in the parkade which seems to be quite common in this building.

I think out of all of the projects in this building, the speed bumps was the one that is going to ensure more safety and also mean less wear on the parkade overall. My only regret is that it took so long for it to be implemented but I guess board politics can slow things down and I thank Chris tremendously for making this happen.

With full respect to the

With full respect to the relevant decision-makers - this measure is short-sighted. I won't argue that people go over whatever the speed limit is... I am of the opinion that piercing holes in the protective barrier to the concrete slab we just spent a pretty penny on repairing is a far more damaging endeavour. Akin to when you pierce holes in the protective lining of something like an indoor pool.

I suppose time will tell who is right, and who will have to pay a special assessment. I fear I will fit into at least one of those categories =/