Parkade Sweep

The parakde is to be swept on the weekend of March 7-9. ALL vehicles and items MUST be moved on Friday evening (anytime after 7pm), and remain outside of the residential side (West P2 & all of P3) until 6pm on Sunday.

Parking will be available - at no charge - on the Impark side (P1 & West P2) during this time.

Any vehicles remaining at the time of the sweep will be towed at the owner's expense. Any items not removed will be removed and discarded.


Parking gate

After the cleaning, i tried to put my car back and the door was not activating. Anyone else have this problem?


The towing took longer than expected, so it caused a bit of a delay. I had to wait until 6.25 to open the gate to make sure all the freshly painted lines were dry.