Water Shut-Off

The water will be shut down on 3 April from 8am-5pm in order to conduct various repairs.

Please prepare yourself accordingly.


water shut off

Hello, we are replacing tub shower at room 401 at the centre tower and our plumber found out there is a hot water leak. Can maintenance department shut off the water earlier than April 3 (possibly any day) so our plumber can fix it? We will only need an hour to do it. My number is (780) 707-0501.....Thank you......

Shut Off

I'm afraid not. It is quite a process to book a water shut down, and involves draining the water from the entire building. Unless there is an emergency situation that requires immediate attention, water shut downs and coordinated and scheduled so as to cause the least amount of disruption. You will have to coordinate with your plumber to do the work on the day of the shut down.