B2 (Center Tower) Elevator Modernization

On Monday, 9 May, the B2 elevator modernization is entering stage 2. During this phase it will be INOPERABLE for passenger use. The work in this phase is expected to be completed by 6 June; this date, however, may change depending on the work required.

During this time, there will be only one elevator car operating in the center tower. Residents in center tower are encouraged to be patient, or, ideally, use the elevators in north or south towers instead. This last suggestion is key during elevator bookings (which will be given priority use), as it means there will be no elevators available in the center tower at these times.

We understand this process will create some inconvenience to center tower residents as we undergo this transformation, but we thank you all for your patience as we continue to make improvements to the building.


Do we have an estimate on completion?

This process was supposed to be completed by June 22 (if I remember correctly) . When is the completion date on the second elevator. Also, is the panel in the first one going to be fixed? It will randomly forget buttons that are pressed midway in a trip.