Concrete Finishing

There is one final step required to wrap up the concrete work that began last summer on the west side of the building. Beginning Monday, August 28, all the west side areas along 109 Street will be cleaned and sealed.

The first phase is the pressure washing of all areas to remove any existing dirt and stains.

The second phase is the application of the concrete sealant, which will be conducted the day after the pressure washing.

During the cleaning & sealing, there will be marked paths for resident access. However, there will also be short periods of time where the various 109 Street main entrances will be closed to allow sealant to dry. When these entrances are closed, please use either the alley entrances or an entrance to another tower, and cross over through the Parkade.
Please obey the notices that will be posted on the main floor bulletin boards and DO NOT enter any area that is temporarily closed.