Capital Centre: COVID 19

Dear Owners & Residents of Capital Center Condominiums,

We are monitoring the ongoing health concerns regarding the COVID – 19 Virus as per the Alberta Health Services (AHS) recommendations. Residents’ health and safety is of the upmost importance to us and we are taking all the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the residents, commercial clients and Condo staff.

The cleaning staff are continuously cleaning the common areas, door handles, elevator buttons, etc. and our night maintenance employees will be cleaning these areas as well.

We need your assistance and we need you to communicate with us. A united community will prevail over this situation if we work together and help one another. Capital Centre Condominiums is quite literally a small city within the City of Edmonton. There are almost 600 people living within all three towers, and with the 2nd floor & main floor commercial business we are considered a high-traffic building.

The majority of the Capital Centre’s population is under the high-risk age of 60, however, there are a few (approximately 15) residents that are in the high-risk age range, and there are also residents that have pre-existing medical conditions that put them at a higher risk of contracting the virus. These residents are the ones we can all help protect and keep safe.

For you to gain perspective, I want you to count how many times you touch a door, touch a elevator button, open your mail box, touch the garbage chute handle, etc. when you come home. Now, factor in that everyone else that lives in your building has done the exact same thing. There are ways to limit your direct contact with common areas; use a pencil / pen to press the elevator button, use your elbows and body to open doors, wear gloves. Most importantly, wash your hands whenever you leave your unit and when you come home.

There are six (6) Condo employees that I consider critical staff that are responsible for day-to-day operations and make sure that heat, water and building security maintained. If Condo employees become ill and need to self-isolate, it could strain our resources. This is why it is CRITICAL that you communicate with us.

Communication: If any of the following scenarios apply to you, please email me at The information you provide will be kept private and confidential, but this information will help us all.

You have decided to self-isolate due to recent international travel and/or have been potentially exposed due to work and/or other cases within the province.
You are actually sick; I don’t care if it’s the common cold / flu or if you are being tested for Covid-19 and are waiting for results, just let us know.
If there is an incident (i.e. floor or fire) and we (Condo Staff & Contractors) need to enter multiple units to resolve the issue, we need to take extra precautions if the residents in the unit(s) are ill or have decided to self quarantine.

This is also the time to be extra cautious in your unit so that we do not need to enter unit(s). These rules should always be followed but here is a reminder.

It is still cold enough for an open window to burst a heating line (Keep windows & patio doors closed).
Do not plug your toilet and take out your neighbor below.
Use your appliances only when you are home and awake; know how to turn off your bathroom and kitchen water supply just in-case.
Do not put food / grease down the kitchen sink and cause a drain stack back-up in the units below.
If you accidentally burn food, DO NOT OPEN YOUR SUITE DOOR. This will trigger the building alarms and cause an evacuation. Instead, turn the bathroom / kitchen fan on. If it is above 4 C outside, open a window.
Help each other & use common sense. Hopefully, you have been residing here long enough to meet and develop a relationship your neighbors, as you can help each other in many ways.

- If you’re feeling unwell and have a grocery or pharmacy delivery coming to the building, see if one of your neighbors could pick it up for you and leave it outside your door so that you do not need to leave your unit to pick up the delivery in the main lobby.

- If you are leaving or entering the building and the elevator arrives with 4+ people inside, wait for the next one. “Social distancing” is one of the main recommendations that we have all heard over and over in social media and the news and is an effective preventative measure.

We have been told that if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the building we will be informed by AHS. If this happens, there are additional measures that the Corporation will undertake with the guidance and instructions from AHS and our own internal “COVID-19 Plan” which will be made available to Owners & Residents and posted on the hallway notice boards next to the elevators.

Such measures include:

Pausing the Centre Tower window & patio door replacement.
As the 2nd floor business (College & Daycare) have closed as per Alberta Health Service instructions the main door timers have been disabled, doors are now permanently locked. Residents must use their building key to enter the building.
In-suite non-emergency work postponed. Flood, fire and no heat are considered emergencies and on-call staff will be dispatched.
In closing, I want everyone to remain calm, use common sense, communicate with us, help your neighbors, and wash your hands. If we work together, we can reduce the overall risk, help keep our high risk residents safe, and ensure Condo Staff & Contractors remain healthy throughout this period.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via-email or telephone.


Shawn O’Flaherty

Property Manager

(780) 238-7742

On Behalf of the Board of Directors