Winter Heating!

When turning on your heat this winter, be advised! You may find your heat to be more excessive than you would like. You may decide to counter this by opening your windows or patio doors. We recommend that you do not.

DO NOT LEAVE your suite unattended with the windows or doors open! The cold air will freeze the heating pipes, which will cause them to burst. Frozen pipes will not only cause extensive damage to your suite, but to all the suites below you.

DO NOT cover the heating vent covers in your suite, the heating vents need adequate air flow to work properly.

Annual Fire Inspection

The Fire Bells in the common area (Hallway, Parkade, etc.) will be ringing while the inspection company is on site on Wednesday 24 September and Thursday 25 September conducting the annual fire inspection.

In addition, the ELEVATORS will have to be reset on occasion due to the alarm setting.

We do apologize for the interruption but this is for the safety of all residents.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration about this matter.

Water Shutdown

Water is to be shutdown on 29 July, from 8-5pm. See the postings on every floor for full details.

Parkade Wash & Sweep

The parkade is scheduled to be washed and swept on the weekend of June 19-21. All vehicles and stored items are to be moved from the residential side beginning 7pm on Friday evening (19th), and not to return until no sooner than 6pm on Sunday (21st).

Vehicles can be moved to the Impark side of the parkade and park there, free of charge, courtesy of the commercial owners. However, any vehicles moved there prior to 6pm on Friday or remain there after 6am Monday are subject to ticketing and/or towing.

Water Shutdown

Water is to be shutdown on 26 May, from 9-5pm. See the postings on every floor for full details.

B1 Elevator

The B1 elevator is likely to be out of service for the remainder of the week. This is partly to do with the agedness of our elevators and the obsurity of parts for them, but mainly because of holiday schedule of the elevator company and the misfortune of the breakdown occurring when it has. We are looking to get it back into operatiion as soon as possible, dependant on the above factors.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Generator Test

The back up generator will be tested on 15 December, between the hours of 10am-noon. During this time, only one elevator per tower will be operational.

Please be advised.

Parkade Sweep

Please be advised that your parking stall(s) in the Underground Parkade will be cleaned on the weekend of: November 7-9, 2014.

In order to ensure the best possible results, all vehicles and items must be removed from the Parkade anytime after 7PM on the 7th and before 8AM on the 8th. Nothing is to return until after 6PM on the 9th. All vehicles MUST then be returned to your regular stall by 6AM (on the 10th)

Fire Alarm Testing

The fire alarms will be ringing tomorrow as part of the annual fire inspection. There need be no cause for alarm.

HOT Water Shut Off

The HOT water will be shut off on Aug 5 & 6 in order to conduct repairs to the boiler system. There will be NO hot water during this time. These repairs, however, should deal with the ongoing water issues.

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