South Tower Elevators

The south tower elevator project is now complete, and both cars are in operation. Thanks to all residents for your patience.

Elevator Booking Schedules

Calendars with when the elevators are booked have now been posted in all three lobbies, and in all the P2 & P3 vestibules. This should help all residents keep informed as to when any elevator is being used for move-ins/move-outs.

If you need to use an elevator for moving in or moving out, please contact the site office to schedule one (and allow for the calendar to be updated).


It was recently pointed out that, while having a complaints email is well and good, there is no mechanism for folks to send in any positive feedback. So, to correct this oversight, we have created an email address for his purpose.

If you would like to point out where you think anyone on the Board, Property Management team, or any of the site staff is doing a good job, or just any all around good wishes, please email: Your well wishes will be warmly received, and will be sent to both the members of the Board and the Property Management team.


Tomorrow evening is the 2011 Annual General Meeting. This year, 6 Board positions are open for election. We encourage ALL owners to attend, if possible.

All owners should have now received the AGM package in the mail. If you are an owner and you have NOT received your package yet, please contact the Celtic office. They can email you the digital version.

Gym Closure

The Gym will be closed on the weekend of September 10/11 so that it can be re-painted. The painting is to be done by volunteers, which is why the closure will be taking place on a weekend. Special thanks to the Gym Task Force for all their hard work!

Building Maintenance

As of efforts to improve the building continue, today we welcome Nicholas Hinse to our building maintenance team.

Please welcome him when you see him with Harry in the hallways!

Site Office: New Manager, Take 2

Our new Site Office Manager - Andrea Poti - begins her tenure at Capital Centre today. Andrea has a background in on-site property management, and appears to be, well, stable. We strongly believe she will turn out to be the right fit for our building. Please feel free to welcome her to the building.

While Andrea gets up to speed, Cathy will remain in the office for the foreseeable future.

Site Office - Update

As of this morning, Angela Ryder was relieved of her duties as Site Office Manager. Cathy Campbell will stand in as Site Office Manager, with Board Vice-President Chris Kostiuk making cameo appearances to assist, while the search for a suitable candidate continues.

Please bear with us as we endevour to find the right people for our building.

Site Office

As of today, Angela Ryder is the new Site Office Manager, replacing fill-in, Board Vice-President Chris Kostiuk. Joining her is the new Jr. Property Manager, Cathy Campbell.

Wish them luck as they continue the efforts to improve our building!

Pipe Steam Cleaning Update

After some on-site deliberation, the pipe steam cleaning schedule is changing. Beginning Wednesday, June 29, cleaning will switch from the south to the north tower, beginning with the '01 series of suites.

The Monday/Tuesday previously scheduled cleaning in the south tower will continue as announced.

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