Pipe Steam Cleaning

The long-awaited pipe steam cleaning is set to begin on Monday, June 27. The cleaning will commence in the south tower, beginning with the 01 stack of suites and proceed progressively through the tower (02, 03, etc.).

Depending on how badly clogged the pipes are, this process could take as little as one half day per stack, up to one and a half days per stack (with the likelihood being one day per stack).

Elevator Modernization

The long-awaited elevator modernization project has begun in the south tower. The C2 car is now permanently shut down until repairs (on it) are complete, with C1 to follow once C2 is back up and running. The (approximate) time to complete this project is 5 months.

The center tower elevators are slated to undergo the same process in 2012, and the north tower elevators in 2013.

Site Office

As of last Thursday, Mary Larocque was relieved of her duties as Site Office Manager. For the foreseeable future, Board Vice-President Chris Kostiuk will be serving as Interim Site Office Manager.

All the contact information on the contact page has been updated accordingly.

Parkade Cleaning Finished!

The parkade cleaning has now been completed. Feel free to move your car back into your spot in the residential side of the parkade.

I believe the results speak for themselves, but feel free to click the Facebook link and leave your comments.

Spring Parkade Cleaning

On the weekend of May 27 through May 29, 2011, the residential areas of the parkade (P2 East and all of P3) will be swept, washed and scrubbed, including the floors and walls.

During this time, it is mandatory that ALL vehicles and any other items stored in all parkade units be removed from the residential parking areas. Vehicles and items are to be removed by Friday, May 27 at 7:00pm and not to be returned until the conclusion of the cleaning at 6:00pm on Sunday, May 29. Free parking will be provided on the P2 west & P1 commercial side, by Impark, during the cleaning period.

Water Pipe Steaming & Clean-Out Installation

Clean outs are to be installed into our drainage system. This will entail entry into each unit on every 3rd floor of each tower. The clean outs are vital to our being able to properly steam clean our water pipes, which will drastically reduce sewage back-ups and sink overflows.

The dates of the installation of said clean outs are as follows:
South Tower (April 25-29)
Center Tower (April 28-May 4)
North Tower (May 3-May 7)

New Logo

Capital Centre now has a logo to call its very own (see above left). Thoughts? Like it? Dislike it?

New Site Staff

As of February 28th, the Capital Centre Board has hired 2 new staff memebers. Mary Laroque will replace Tania Silva in the site office.

Adding to our maintenance team, George Laroque will now be on site to assist Harry with all our building maintenance needs.


Have a complaint or issue? Want to see it taken care of? Email us at complaints@capitalcentre.org and let us know what your concern is, be it a building issue, a staff issue, an issue with your neighbour, an issue with a decision we've made, or just anything related to Capital Centre. We want to hear what the residents of this building are concerned about.

All complaints submitted go directly to both the Board and the property management team.

Water Shut Down

The water will be shut down from 9am-1pm on Friday, February 18th. If you have any questions/concerns or water issues to report in advance of this shut down, please contact the site office.

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