Hot Water

There has been another complication with the domestic boiler, which will affect the available hot water over the course of this upcoming weekend (20/21 April). Unfortunately, the parts required to fix the issue will not arrive until Monday, at which time, the repairs can be made.

We understand that this situation is a major inconvenience, but all efforts are being made to resolve it as quickly as possible. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Street Closure

This Saturday, 109 Street (north) will be closed (in front of our building, between Jasper & 102 Ave) between 9am-1pm. This closure is to allow for the construction materials required for the pool project to be lifted to the project area.

Pedestrian traffic will be re-routed to a covered walkway (next to the building) at this time. Proceed with caution.

Swimming Pool Decommissioning/Reconstruction Project

As previously described, the swimming pool was permanently shut down by way of special resolution on 1 December. 2011. The deconstruction of this facility is scheduled to commence sometime during the week of 5 November, 2012.

The area is to be re-built into a common area meeting place of some type; what will, ultimately, be the final design is yet to be decided and will not be discussed until the physical area has been created.

Site Office

The Site Office will be closed for the foreseeable future. Cathy, our most recent Site Office person, walked off the job last week. We had hoped to find a temporary replacement to fill the position, until such a time as a suitable permanent candidate could be found, but to no avail. It is most likely that the office will remain closed until the new Property Management Company (TBD) takes over next month.

Eye Viewers

The Crime Free Peep Hole project will take place this month. Any peep holes that are not (at least) 180 degrees will be upgraded. If your suite does not already have a 180 degree peep hole, expect a notice to arrive a week before installation.

This is a mandatory project. Feel free to contact the Security Committee if you have any questions.

Domestic Hot Water Boiler System

Recently, one of the two domestic hot water boilers broke down completely. Faced with the prospect of band-aiding a 30 year old boiler (again) or replacing it completely, the Board has elected the latter. In the interim, while the Board investigates the best long term (permanent) solution to the Boiler situation, the building is running off of the remaining operational boiler. It is for this reason we are experiencing so many water issues at the current time.

Please bear with us, as the Board endevours to solve the many hot water issues, finally and completely.

Parkade Wash & Sweep

The parkade will washed and swept on Sunday, 24 June. All vehicles (and everything else) is to be removed by 8am that day. Any unmoved vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense, and any items left behind will be confiscated.

During the cleaning, all residential vehicles may park on the Impark side of the parkade at no cost, until the cleaning is finished at 6pm. At that time, all vehicles must return to their normal parking areas.

Fire Alarm Testing

The building fire alarms and systems will undergo their annual check during the period of 11-13 July. Fire alarms will ring intermittently between the hours of 8-5pm.

During this procedure, any alarm lasting beyond 8 minutes in length should be considered an ACTUAL alarm. Should this occur, please vacate the building.

Water Shut Off

The water will be shut off tomorrow - Tuesday, May 8 - from 9am to 5pm for valve installation and repair. Please be aware and ration some water accordingly.

The water shut-off has been postponed to Wednesday, May 16 (from 9am to 5pm).

Garbage Chute Cleaning

The garbage chutes in each tower will be steam cleaned on April 16-17. On those days, please take your trash down to the exterior dumpsters for disposal.

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